Sunday, 25 April 2010


NIKON D80 300 mm f.4

NIKON D80 300 mm f:4

The other day I went to the Sagrada Familia church to try to get more peregrine falcons’ pictures. It was a weekday and arrived much later than the other day, about 11am. My intention was to enter and climb to the towers to see if I could photograph the hawks from there. Many years had past since the last time I enter inside the church. The Sagrada Familia, or what remains of it, was crowded with tourists and full of scaffolding and cranes. It looked like the pyramids of Egypt in progress. Gosh! They will never finish it. You can no longer climb the stairs. The only way up is trough two elevators only. I had to pay… 11 Euros to enter and 2.5 Euros for taking the elevator! You had to queue to take the one on the side of the Sagrada Familia square…more than one hour! Luckily for the other, next to Plaza Gaudi, the wait was "only" 15 minutes. I could not do any good hawk takes, just the one I show you here. But at least from the heights, I could make a couple of interesting photos, from a hawk’s eye.I couldn’t have said better myself.

NIKON D80 300 mm f:4

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