Sunday, 25 April 2010


I didn’t know very well how to title this post, but finally I decided on this. In a few days there have been so many photo openings that I was almost out of breath trying to cover them all.
At first, I attended the SlideLuck PotShow (This is the third year that this event is being held in Barcelona). I found a photographer friend who told me: "What a great photographic environment you find in Barcelona, so many acts and so many people! And it's true. By chance, it happened that day that I had been in two major Barcelona based newspapers and the atmosphere was totally opposite: full of sad and bad news; it looked like a funeral. While the crisis arrives to the written press, Photography explodes unstoppable outside them.
In a few days we had the SlideLuck PotShow, the opening of Darius Khoeli’s BCN Beach Fashion in Kowasa gallery ad finally the opening of
Quinquis 80 (Cinema, Carrer Premsa) Gangs of the 80s (Cinema, Street and Press), at the CCCB.

The SlideLuck PotShow is a fantastic celebration that has been held again in the Mau Mau bar. Audiovisual works are projected and each person must bring a plate of food. I had a lot of work these days and I could not prepare any of my recipes, so I chose a dish of Iberian sausages accompanied by one of the most typical, simples and tasty Catalan recipes: pa amb tomàquet.

The atmosphere was great and the level of the photos projected variable. Among them, I would highlight the excellent work on the families of the Yak 42’s accident made by Eugeni Gay and Isabel Gonzalez, both integrated into the collective Cuatro15. They traveled over 6,000 km in Spain (they also went to Turkey, to the accident site) and their work was published in The Pais Semanal. Another of the best projection was TransRetratos (Transportraits), migrant sexuality by Nuria Lopez. This photographer is still in its line up showing this ambiguous sexuality of their characters in black and white portraits full of force and symbolism. Another photographer always to keep in mind is Rafa Arocha. He always fills his images, about music and dancing, and the environment in which they operate, with great pace and dynamism; this time in their projection he showed us a school of ballet in Cadiz.

The Kowasa gallery opened one of its traditional exhibitions in the field of photo collectionism. Darius Khoeli shows us in his BCN Fashion Beach the Barcelona beaches in summer, crowded with people. Darius’ compositions are tight and colorful, and the people there hardly recognizable. Many visitors commented that Darius had opened their eyes to a reality that had eluded them until then.

As always, the gallery's cozy garden was a hotbed of discussions, of course, about photography.

And finally, this Monday the CCCB opened its doors to present Quinquis 80 (Cinema, Carrer, and Premsa), (Gangs of the 80s (Cinema, Street, and Press)). It is not a photo exhibition but a sample where there is music, movies, posters and, of course, photos.

The most emblematic and well known among these was the so-called El Vaquilla (The Heifer), who I photographed many times. Some of my photos appear in the exhibition.

Here you can see an assistant to the exhibition, with no furtiveness at all, copying one my photos. Should have charged her the copyright?

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