Sunday, 25 April 2010



I do not know if this is the best photo, but if we want a single image to sum up this extraordinary year, it might be this one. Therein lays the great strength of the still image. When we think about this season perhaps we’ll remember Iniesta's goal, or many other crucial ones, but a compendium of this wonderful year in a single image, why not this one?
I think it has been an El Periodico great lay out, also for the news headline Tocant el cel (touching the sky). Good headlines, when accompanying a picture so good, are done after seeing the photo, not before. And above all to highlight an extraordinary photographer, Jordi Cotrina, which has centred the entire protagonist in Guardiola, who seems to float in the air. The only team reference is the Barcelona's players’ hands.
In short, a wonderful cover to save for the memory.
Congratulations El Periodico! Congratulations Jordi! Congratulations Barça!

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