Monday, 3 May 2010


Evil, macho intolerance and all the demons of this world struck with all its violence this Iranian girl. Magid, a fellow institute fell madly in love with her. Ameneh declined politely and began to be harassed by him. A terrible day that marked forever the woman’s live, the frustrated suitor waited at the exit of her work and threw a jar of acid to her face leaving her blind and terribly disfigured. The Iranian government took over her case and sent her to Barcelona, where it is practiced one of the best eye surgery in the world. After 17 operations, the news appeared in newspapers across the world: the trial just celebrated and the judge ruled that Ameneh could carry out the so-called law of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth still in place Iran. She was allowed to return home to pour 10 drops of acid in every Magid’s eye .

Ameneh accepted and I received an assignment of the German newspaper Bild, with the largest circulation in Europe, to photograph her. I was with the Iranian woman for a day with a journalist and a TV team .The woman is very sweet and when she smiles seems to recover the remnants of a faded beauty gone forever. Ameneh reasons she won’t do that seeking revenge, because Magid will not have to endure the terrible suffering that he you caused to her because he will be completely anesthetized. The Iranian said that what happened to her is a common event in her country, almost always without consequences for the man who performs it, and expect that the ruling and its implementation will serve to protect many of their women compatriots in the future.


The story was published last week in Bild. The time I shared with the Catalan freelance television crew, a very professional one, made me think about the great difference between the two languages, the photographic and the continuos image: a good picture can be done in one hundredth of a second with just a camera and a fast lens, needed in this case. Instead, to shoot a plane requires a complicated assembly that I wanted to reflect on these images.

And back to Ameneh. What do you think of her story?


  1. She should forgive him.
    I guess that she will never again find peace in her life if she takes revenge. I'm sure she will regret later in her life and then it is too late, it can't be made undone. And then it will be Magid's turn to forgive.

  2. That's good for her... The man did made her life a living hell... what would you do if you were in her shoes? You wouldn't be able to see the world again, your world has changed, you can't work, can't live your life freely... essentially he has taken away her freedom...