Tuesday, 9 February 2010


In the past, it has happened to me on numerous occasions. When I have faced difficult situations the camera serves as a shield that protects me.
These thoughts came to mind when I saw the pictures of Claudia. The story began when I received an e-mail from Claudia Macionni. Claudia had been a photo student of Quim Roser, and mine at the photojournalism course that we both teach at IDEP. After completing the course, I saw Claudia that asked my advice about the possibility of doing an internship as a photographer for Agence France Presse in Israel. I strongly advised to take and, when she came back, she showed me some great photos from which shines anew a report on a Druze Muslim wedding at the border with Syria.
I thought it would be something similar, but no. Claudia wrote me that they had detected her a breast cancer; she had decided to photograph the whole process and wondered if I had good references from the journal Yo Dona that was interested in publishing her story.

I was very upset, but I commented that although did not know her in person, had excellent references from the head of international and travel section, Paka Díez.
Last Saturday, Yo Dona published the story entitled "Diary of a revival. A year with cancer, "with text and photos of Claudia Maccioni, a story that had a happy ending.
There are pictures in the mirror, and the other made with remote control, first by cable and then with a transmitter. The post-operation pictures were made by another person, but always under the direction of the photographer who prepared the frame and technical adjustments: speed, diaphragm....
It is a story of great courage in which support has been critical and came from Claudia’s family and close friends, as Stefan, her boyfriend. And in the same way that when photographing hard scenes of suffering, the camera serves as a shield and therapy, I am sure that in this case, although Claudia Maccioni has turned the camera 180 degrees to explain her fight against disease, has been the same.

Now, the idea of Claudia is seeking funds to publish a book with her story and give the profits to Fero, an organization of medical research on cancer.

Good luck and all the best Claudia!


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