Sunday, 25 April 2010


I got a phone call to handle an assignment for the Natural Gas Magazine. It is not very common to receive orders in these times of crisis but, fortunately, the phone still keeps ringing.
Alfonso Serrano, the editor, told me that it wasn’t a very exciting job. (He has sent me several times to photograph Ferràn Adrià o Carme Ruscalleda, for instance). You have to photograph a big battery in a room inside the Natural Gas building. But you know, good photographers are visible on the tough issues. If they like the result they will run more pages. Work hard, you know how: strobes, colour gels...
I love to work for Alfonso; he is demanding, but he is also a working photographer. His advices and suggestions on how to cover the jobs are always very valuable.
I contacted the person in charge in Natural Gas, and he told me to get there tomorrow mornig. Of course it is not like travelling to South Africa or photographing Eddy Merckx, but as we say in Catalan: "tot fa bullir l’olla" which means that everything adds and helps you to get to the end of the month.
I took my strobes, my colour gels, polarizing filters... and even went back the next day to complete the work.

It seems they liked the result because they run 6 pages and the cover. And the good news was that they paid well over the first price. Happy ending.

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