Thursday, 15 April 2010



400 g cooked chickpeas
75 grams of chicken broth
A little cumin
A splash of extra virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons of lemon juice
Garlic ¼
20 g tahini (sesame paste)
A teaspoon of cayenne pepper (or sweet, to taste)
Pita bread.

The tahini and pita bread can be found in a specialised shop.

Triturate with the hand blender the cooked chickpeas (without the liquid if they are canned), broth, garlic, sesame paste and lemon. Spread on a plate, season, pour over the oil, cumin, and sprinkle with paprika. Accompany with pita bread as a spoon. It is not usual but I prefer it lightly toasted. To decorate the dish i added some carrot sticks.

Also, as usual, I'll talk about my guest, Mar Costa,

As always in this blog I invite someone to dinner related with photography and prepare a recipe, in this case Hummus, the traditional Middle Eastern paste made from chickpeas that I loved the first time I tried it, many years ago, in Jerusalem. It's a little risky on my part because certainly I can not compete with the delicious Hummus my friends Hammad and Nicole make at Kabara restaurant, but there I go.

Mar was an IDEP student of mine a few years ago. The first day of class students always present a sample of their work. I was struck by Mar subject; it was on an NGO in Nicaragua, a good story that contrasted strongly with many other works. But I also realized that Mar needed to find a photographic language of her own and still lacked a lot of technique. On completing the course she presented a final work on a common theme but I did not care, she had improved greatly and now she had a visual language with which to tell her coming stories.

I kept in touch with Mar, sporadically, and it caught my attention the fact that she had won a major prize in a travel photography contest, nothing more and nothing less than a world tour for two people. Thus was born the blog, De Costa a Costa (in Catalan), in which Mar narrated and photographed her experiences with his sister Clara. A blog that I thought was very cool, fun and creative.

Later on Mar, whose attitude considering that thanks to the internet and new technologies the world is her scope, won an important grant from the Ministry of Education of Spain. This overview of Mar Costa reminds me of other photographers such as Charlie Mahoney or Lauren Hermele who also were students of mine. The scholarship was to study two years at the University of Graz, Austria, Interactive Multimedia Design, a course which teaches photography, video, 3D, interactive, web design and audio. We agreed to see each other in Barcelona during the summer holidays and as I knew Mar liked Hummus, which she tasted in Palestine during her world tour, this was what I prepared for dinner.

Mar’s next project? A collective exhibition in Ljublijana organided by her Graz university. She also has ended a very interesting video based on photos taken in Istanbul, using what she learnt in Graz. You have to be very steep, at least I am, considering these new ways of multimedia, because maybe the future of photography and image passes through here.

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