Thursday, 15 April 2010


On Friday, mid-morning, I was called up from the daily Bild, the largest circulation in Germany and Europe. Are you in Barcelona? Could you do something for us tonight?
The assignment was to photograph the concert that was goig to give the German singer Nina Hagen in Barcelona: environment, public, fans ...
These orders always create me a certain tension: I had to get accredited and then send the material for the very first night or early morning. At the end everything went well. Not the kind of work I normally do because I usually do a lot more quiet stories, especially in regard to the deadline. The advantage is that this kind of assignements comes out much sooner. (So you get paid much sooner as well).
I made the photos with a Nikon D90 at ISO 1600 and used a 17-50 zoom lens F: 2.8, an 85 F: 1.8 and a 180 F: 2.8, all Nikon.

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