Thursday, 15 April 2010


Ouch! This is the room of my daughter Andrea who is 17 years old. It is not always like this, sometimes is pretty much tidy up but many times not. I don’t ask his opinion to my former classmate, Dr. Santiago García-Tornel, which also was Andrea's doctor, because I'm sure what he would say. The only thing that comforts me a bit is the opinion of the director of Magoria School, Jaime Gonzalez, who was also Andrea’s teacher and in whom I have all the confidence in the world because his school is modelic and he has always given me fantastic advices. Commenting on the theme, Jaime told me that the disorder is a characteristic of the adolescent stage and what really happened is what it really would worry him would be the opposite: the case of a teenager who always kept a delicious order. I don’t know. I rather wouldn't mind. What do you think?

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