Sunday, 18 April 2010


The other day Fernando Peracho came to my home. Fernando is the Vàlid gallery director that will open its doors next autumn in Barcelona. Looking at the view from my flat he told me: you will soon have to change the series of Photos from your window. You will run out of images.
I don’t think so. One thing is the general view at a given time, and another one the number of small details that change over days, or the different situations I might see happening. And above all the light. Light is so important in photography. The image that I show you today is a perfect example. It is a photo taken at seven in the morning. I saw it when I was preparing breakfast. It is very rare; I think I had not seen it until today. The blinds are green and the early sun paints them with a more saturated colour, but this time was different. The cause? Not long before the sun had risen above the sea in a small strip free of clouds, in fact after 5 minutes the sun went down. This turned the sunlight into a kind of spot, a highly concentrated focus that produced this lovely gold effect.

I believe I will continue with the series for some more time.

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