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For the film The Da Vinci Code, one of the key locations based on the book was the Westminster Abbey in London. But religious authorities did not like Dan Brown's book calling it "theologically unsound" and not acceded to the request to shoot there. The film's producers tried the Lincoln Cathedral. The imposing Gothic church is the landmark building of the city, visible over 30 miles far away from it. Their highest religious authority, the Rev. Alec Knight, accepted the proposal helped by the "donation of one hundred thousand pounds" (about a hundred and fifty thousand euros) from the producer. The vast nave was adapted as a replica of Westminster Abbey, and a small chapel, next to the cloister, was reconstructed as the tomb of Isaac Newton.
Although the book contains glaring errors, is a blessing that people visit the cathedral and ask questions- said John Campbell, the rector. The church’s responsibles have preserved the original temple fake paintings on cardboard used for the film along with photos of the shooting. And charge an entrance fee for the many visitors and the curious who want to see the film scene.


Tom Hanks was charming, a person with whom to work was easy- explains Campbell- Audrey Tautou was very shy, and Sir Ian McKellen gave an autograph for my son, with a drawing of the film character that made him world famous, Gandalf the White from The Lord of the Rings.
However, not everyone thinks the same as the religious. I waited 4 days before the cathedral to take a picture of Tom Hanks. And when I had him at just one yard and was ready to photograph him, he turned and show me his back- said a disappointed resident of Lincoln.
It was fortunate for Lincoln- says Alan Ritson, owner of The Old Bakery, where the players ate several times during the day shooting- many people follow the path of the film locations between London and Scotland. And passing by get startled by Lincoln City and, very especially, about our cathedral -apostille Ritson.

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