Wednesday, 14 April 2010


I’m refering to the magic of the network or the spider's web that is the Internet. The information accumulated in the blogs is well stored and archived for search engines, although has been published long ago, as opposed to paper journals. There is a classic saying in Photojournalism: You are as good as your last pictures and some cynics added: And these, the next day, only serve to wrap the fish that someone has bought.
On the Internet is different. In early January this year I wrote a post entitled Alon Reininger and the portable strobes. In it I explained that I covered the 1982 Spanish elections together with Alon Reininger, from Contact agency, who gave me the first lesson about how to use portable studio strobes. Since then, 27 years have passed and I have not seen Alon again. Contact became a legendary agency who also distributes the work of photographers like Annie Leibovitz, David Burnett or Frank Fournier. Reininger became a benchmark by being the first photographer to publish a story on the new and terrible disease of AIDS, initially affecting mostly homosexuals. His work won a World Press Photo and the image that opened the story became part of the considered the hundred most important photos of the twentieth century.


Imagine my surprise when I received a commentary this July 20 in this article, which read (Alon, thanks for writing me in Spanish)

After 27 years, I love to read that Paco did not forget our friendship. I was very happy to help you. A great hug.

Alon Reininger, Los Angeles

More short stories about the Net. I saw that I was having blog visitors coming from Daynves, France. I searched and found this blog which referred to my article The salary of a freelance photographer in the year of the Crisis.

I also found my recipe for lentils in the Mar de potas blog.

And my article about the closure of Cover agency's on EGM’s blog.

Finally, sometimes the selective framing in Photography is hiddingn a part of the reality. Want to see how it is really the picture representing the Internet or the network that leads this article? You just have to click here.

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