Wednesday, 14 April 2010


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Last Saturday in La Garriga, Walter Astrada the very laureate Argentinian photographer, told me admired the many photo-related events hold in Catalonia. He was right. These days I’m trying to combine my professional duties: classes, curating an exhibition of a renowned sports photographer, etc., and assist to the greatest number of these events. This week, from 4 to 9 November in the CCCB, there’s a must: Tráfic09 organized by the Centre for Documentary Photography of Barcelona, a luxury for our town.


This year the festival has a large share of Magnum photographers who will conduct workshops and evening screenings about their work. They are: Chien-Chi Chang, Antoine D'Agata, Mark Power, Chris Steele-Perkins, Bruce Gilden and Carl de Keyzer. Likewise, local photographers as important as Colita, Leopoldo Pomes or Christian Maury will also participate. Among the young photographers, some as bright as Edu Bayer, Mattia Insolera, Mireia Bordonada, Eugeni Gay, Isabel Gonzalez, Jon Cazenave or Ana Belen Jarrin, as well as the photographer of El Periodico de Catalunya Elisenda Pons.

Besides Traffic I also would like to talk about La Garriga journeys, about Fotopres, about the Manel Armengol’s exhibition in Tamanago’s gallery, so I think that for this week I’ll have to postpone for the coming weeks some of the other topics that appear frequently on my blog: movies’ sceneries, paintings of battles, the pictures from my window, my top 10 songs, my recipes, my cats or my daughter Andrea’s stories.

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