Wednesday, 18 August 2010


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Porrera is only a half hour drive from Mont-Roig, in a beautiful valley surrounded by vineyards, in the heart of the Priorat region, in Catalonia. It was a pleasure to see Isabel Vilà, another of the people that appeared in “Lives in calm” who does not regret at all having left the big city to live in the country. Her rural tourism house, Cal Porrera, is a marvel with unparalleled views.

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Isabel has undertaken further reforms which I am sure will improve her business. Along with his partner Edu, have a small vegetable garden. One day I came up with Luismi, Victor and the former director of Geo, David Corral. Isabel showed us her garden and gave us a basket full of organic vegetables that were very good.


That night, the four of us, we stayed for dinner at El Xiringuito, a restaurant that opens on summer nights and places its tables beside the stream. Prices are very reasonable and many of the dishes, spicy and exotic. For example, I had grilled goat cheese and Thai chicken as a second and, of course, we always drink red wine from Priorat.

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For this trip I carried my small Gitzo tripod that was very useful for self-portraits. You saw in a former post my adventures taking such photos. This time it was very simple.

I am delighted that Isabel kept in a prominent place the picture that I gave her on the harvest in Porrera. It was the picture that opened the story published in the Sunday issue of El Periodico de Catalunya, titled The Last Wine Harvest of the Century that I photographed in October 2000.

Among the wines highlights el Trosset de Porrera that produces Eduard, an excellent wine with all the virtues of Priorat with production limited to eight hundred bottles.

Porrera is a magical place where the stress and time stop.

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