Friday, 7 May 2010


On Thursday, December 11, Teresa Gimpera, Colita and I presented in La Casa del Libro the book Memòries de Barcelona, with photos of Xavier Miserachs and Colita, published by Lupita Books. The book is an extraordinary document of life in Barcelona in the fifties, sixties and early seventies until the end of the Franco dictatorship in 1975. In addition to the magnificent Colita portraits of the people in the so-called Gauche Divine, made up of writers, artists, actors, models, film makers, photographers and architects, in which the two authors were moving like a fish in water, the book is a tribute to the Xavier figure. I would like to highlight the emotive words of Colita to finish his speech that reminded me of the figure of Peter Pan. Colita said Xavier Miserachs have not died and will never do.

This day we remembered him, said Colita, because his daughters, Arena y Mar, had participated in the edition of this book where his spirit was very present through his fotos. But that when they will become older, their descendants would be those who would take over, as well as the children of these, always using the immortal Miserachs photos as a testimony of a past and extraordinary time.

I could not help but to draw a parallel with the work of James M. Barrie. An adult Wendy, that has forgotten her adventures as a child, discovers that Peter Pan, whose age remains unchanged because he lives in Neverland, has visited her daughter entering through her window. And in the same way, the figure of Xavier will continue living and unchanging over time through his particular Neverland: his photographs. And the generations behind us will keep smiling at the aspiring Davis Cup players in their improvised tennis courts, at the man in the hat on the scooter and at the dog that acted like the humans

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