Wednesday, 5 May 2010


When I started the series Pictures from my window I thought I could make only a very limited number of them. But I am surprised with the amount of things happening. After all, that is what Photography is about, to be very attentive to all the things that happen and be aware of the small details and, yes, have the tools (Technique) to capture them in pictures
The last week has been spectacular: snow in Collserola mountain, rainbow, full moon, and suddenly, I went out onto the terrace to water the plants and I found that a very lushly plant had …new born flowers! With the cold weather that we’ve been having in Barcelona! I acknowledge that I am a complete illiterate as far as plants are concerned. Do any of the blog visitors have any idea about what kind of plant is it and why the flowers are blossoming in the middle of the winter, just when the trees of my street have lost almost all its leaves?

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