Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Last weekend I cooked for two. I used a recipe that gave me the Sicilian photographer from Magnum, Ferdinando Scianna. I know many photographers who cook very well. Maybe we can find the reason, if we consider the photographers who worked in the laboratory of black and white, in the biographical book by Xavier Miserachs Fulls de contacte. Xavier compares the ritual of black and white developing with cooking: ingredients in their right amount and time to think while listening to music in the solitude of the lab or the kitchen.

This is the Ferdinando’s recipe that I named Pasta a la Ferdinando :
Peel the tomatoes with boiling water.Empty and cut into very small pieces (Two tasty tomatoes per person).
Abundant basil. A handful for every three people.
A clove of garlic per person. Then shred, not too fine, in a blender, the garlic and basil with extra virgin olive oil. The tomato is added. Put salt and pepper. Mixe with a lot of energy to "salsify" everything.

I gave the receipe a personal touch and added diced black olives.
It was delicious, although I must admit that my pasta dish never was as good as Ferdinando’s.

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