Tuesday, 4 May 2010


I photographed the nurse Carlota Collazos for the Extraordinary Youngs' section of La Vanguardia Magazine. For photographers interested in technique, I illuminated the girl with a Nikon SB 800 flash from her right side , separated from the camera with a sync cable, to compensate the light of the window on the left side of Carlota. By chance, the nurse is working in the San Juan de Dios Hospital’s paediatric section, where also works, a former school companion and my daughter's paediatrician, Dr. Santi Garcia-Tornel. It’s been quite a long time since the last time we saw each other; my daughter Andrea is now 16 years and she has (Toco fusta ,meaning I touch wood in Catalan) a very strong health. But Dr. Santi and I had met again in the cyberspace. García-Tornel has a blog entitled Reflexiones de un pediatra curtido (Reflexions of an expert paediatrician), that is really delicious. Here is a small sample: an article on Christmas that comes together with one of the greatest sequence in the Cinema History, The Third Man's final scene, when Alida Valli passes by, without even looking, and moves away forever from Joseph Cotten.

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