Tuesday, 4 May 2010


I started to worry. We were already in the middle of January and I had not yet received my Nikon notebook as each year. I did the count: I had received the agenda, sent from Nikon to the photographers, members of the Nikon professional club, since 1990. I had saved them all because many of the entries bring me memories of situations experienced, far away countries and very special photos. It seems that the delegation of Nikon Spain had a problem with the list of people they send the notebook to. Fortunately, thanks to good work of Nuria Gras, the editor of the Nikonistas, everything was arranged and I received the precious notebook.
Here are some examples of why I have so much affection to the Nikon notebook.

In September 1997, Jordi Socias, the editor of El Pais Semanal, called me because he wanted me to go Northern Ireland. And he gave the phone a legendary journalist, the correspondent of El País in London Juan Carlos Gumucio, who previously had lived in Beirut and Jerusalem. During 10 exiting days Juan Carlos and I worked together in a fine story.


In March 1992, a Croatian living in Barcelona, Katunarich, who was working on the Marina travel agency, got us, the journalist Albert Cañagueral, the boat tickets from Rieka to Dubrovnik, besieged by the Serbian army at the Balkan’s war, and where we made a story that was published in El Periodico Sunday Magazine.


These are the notes I took in July 1999, in a paradisiacal place, Natal, in Brazil, while I photographed it for the El Periodico Sunday Magazine.

NATAL 1999

And these, are the other notes I wrotte, in October 2001, in Germany, while making a report about the humanitarian organization Friedensdorf that made the cover and 10 pages in the Magazine of La Vanguardia.


And finally, this is the cell phone of the Spanish army captain Vazquez in Kabul (whith some deleted numbers) who gave me the access to the funeral of the Spanish soldiers’ funeral, that got killed in the crash of the Yak 42 in Turkey, and that was held in the Christian cementery in Kabul.

KABUL 2003

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