Sunday, 9 May 2010



The past Sunday I published in Vanguardia Magazine this story of seven persons that changed their lives radically in the search of a greater personal happiness.

Jordi Nogueras had several jobs till he decided to do what he always has wanted to. Now he makes radio controled planes like he did when he was a child.

Isabel Vilà left the city stress to direct a country house, Cal Porrerà, in the heart of Priorat Catalonia’s wine area, where you can find some wines that got 10 points in the Parker list. She is a defender of the slow drink movement.

Victor Palomera had been working 30 years in the same enterprise when had to change his life. He started to paint houses and invest in stock market. He became an expert and is doing well in despite off the crisis.

Leonor Díaz de Liaño left behind her a well-off life to attend an animal’s shelter in the countryside.

Hammad Alzayat was a technic at a hospital laboratory. He decided to change. Now in his restaurant Kabara, in el Raval, a Barcelona quarter, he combines cooking, art and compromise with his homeland, Palestine.

Lidia Salas worked in a cold-storage plant. Now she is the president of a Reiki therapeutic association.

Kris Ubach was a lawyer and she didn’t like it. One day she started travelling with her cameras. She sold her photos to different magazines and became a travel photographer

I did the story together with a journalist, Celtia Traviesas, who wrote the text. All the captions belong to her.

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