Sunday, 25 April 2010


It was a precious days, almost summer. We decided to stroll through the nature reserve of La Font Groga (Yellow Fountain), on the northern slope of Collserola Mountain, between Barcelona and Sant Cugat. The abundance of the past rains was present in the forest: green, leafy and full of streams.

I still had in my head some recent comments on my blog: -So what I recommend is that you buy a Leica 35mm mainly because it has 2 key advantages, you get a quality very superior than any of the professional digital SLR currently in the market and because you’ll no longer have to carry you heavy bag with all the elements shown in the picture, as longest Leica lens occupies less than the palm of your hand, - advised me Andreu Robusté or- When I find a safe place to leave the luggage, what a pleasure to go out for a walk at sunset (and return at dawn) with a Leica M6,and a 50 mm and 35 mm lenses, eager to learn and live ... - wrote Juan Pablo Moreiras.

I could not resist it and I took my old Leica M2 with a 35mm f: 1.4 Sumilux and black and white film. And besides the Leica, I had a very nice companion, dog included. In short: a great day.

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