Saturday, 24 April 2010



I am in an area of Accra where I'm the only white. Mentally I compose the picture, look through the viewfinder and shot in one hundredth of a second.
Hey, you! Why did you photographed me? I do not want pictures- lashes to me the man in the bench.
I am photographing the colors of the booths that make up the flag of Ghana- I answer him.
He doesn’t seem very convinced. Go, do not take me more photos!-he tells me.
On my right there’s another house with three girls. It is potentially a good image.
Don’t take us pictures- they yell. And I just was only watching.
Phew! The light is bad, it's noon. In this photo I had to fix up the contrast in Photoshop, saturate the reds, yellows and greens and make a dogging on the man on the bench. Not worth it. I go to join the group of journalists who are buying at a flea market near by.
Sometimes, after a whole day shooting on the street you end up completely mentally exhausted.


In Accra, there are very few roads, little public transportation and monumental traffic jams. Street vendors offer all sorts of products. Framing and shooting. Click. That's it. I love the elegance, dignity and apparent ease with which the woman carries the eggs.


I think it's a great photo, but I am not very proud of it. Unlike all the others that I have shown you today and yesterday, this one is miserably stolen. I'm inside the air conditioned van transporting a group of journalists and we have all the windows closed. Women come here to try to sell their merchandise and I shot them through the back window. She protests while I'm entrenched in my glass shelter. Normally I do not do that, but we spent so much time trapped inside the van and I see so many good pictures I’m missing…

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