Saturday, 24 April 2010


They are precious, they are independent, they make you company but without plaguing you. Many of my photographer friends have cats like me. Unlike a dog, you can go ten days out of travel and if you have a compassionated neighbor to feed them, case settled. Up to here everything perfect, but...

All this came to my head when I decided to change my bed after many years. A friend just sold his apartment, a feat in current times, that he rented and had a wonderful bed and a new mattress that offered to me selflessly.
I would feel very bad if I had to throw them away-he told me.
I set to work to dismantle the old bed, and to paint the room, which made me think about a very peculiar characteristic of cats. My old bed had a nice leather head that from the very first day became the cats’ grindstone. Several generations of cats have sharpened their nails there. It is impossible to educate them. You can lead them to the corpus delicti, scrub their noses against it and give them a couple of screams and a couple of lashes in the purest source of dog’s education, but it’s useless. Just when you leave the house they will continue to do so. The head of the bed had a cloth to conceal scratches; when I removed it revealed the magnitude of the attacks.

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With the new bed the problem is over, but I decided to retain and place the leather’ headers close to their sandbox, so now they’ll be able to sharpen their nails as they please. The problem is that perhaps now, they won’t be interested at all.

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