Monday, 5 April 2010


Martin Parr, Magnum, was in Barcelona where he gave two lectures: one at the Picasso museum and the other inside the Industrial School, where there’s a photographic school. I attended the latter and from what he said, plus a couple of questions Martin answered me, I extracted these 10 thoughts:

1) The traditional photojournalism, in which journals and magazines sent photographers around the world, has ended. Many photographers are very nostalgic. Just look at Visa pour l'Image Photo Festival. It's like a tribe on the brink of extinction, clinging to a system that no longer exists.

2) There are still many photographers who have not noticed the change and continue blaming others when what they would have to do is to wake up themselves.

3) The vast majority of documentary photographers are nostalgics, they are photographing what is about to disappear. I photograph the things that are born: the world today.

4) The market no longer wants us.

5) However, photography has never been as public as it is today. Just look, for example, how crowded is this room.

6) El fotógrafo, hoy en día, debería fotografiar un tema en el que esté interesado y luego promocionarlo y buscar el mismo la salida. ( Libro, exposición, Internet…)

6) The photographer, today, should shoot a subject, in which he is interested, then promote it and seek different ways (Books, exhibitions, Internet ...) and sponsors to show it.

7) I do not pretend that my pictures can change the world. It is an obsolete concept.

8) The good photographer is obsessive and passionate about their work. Of these 200 students in the room, only 5% will become a photographer. The rest will be unwilling to have the effort and passion needed.

9) Photography is transparent. When I see the work of students, I immediately notice the effort and dedication that have been used.

10) I called my first story shot Bad Weather. In England we are so obsessed that we are always talking about it. That’s why I wanted to do that story. In Spain, as there’s always good weather, no one gives importance and you don’t talk about this.

Reaffirming the words of Martin Parr, the sun shone on the campus of Barcelona’s Escuela Industrial.

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