Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Eating a healthy way is one of three basic factors, as the renowned cardiologist Valentin Fuster explains, to enjoy a good health; the other two are doing some exercise regularly and not smoke. I try to practice all three.
In terms of cooking has influenced me greatly Karlos Arguiñano. This popular cooking star has taught recipes to millions of people around the world and always insists that it costs nothing, and is infinitely better, to eat a fresh food, just cooked, instead of canned or precooked. I admire these chefs; in United Kingdom there is also Jaimie Olivier who has helped greatly to improve the eating habits there.
Sometimes you are in a hurry, as this day where I prepared, in just five minutes, a lemon chicken and a fresh salad.

Lemon chicken recipe for two people:

2 chicken breasts.
The juice of a lemon.
Olive oil.
Salt and pepper.

Add salt and pepper to the chicken breasts and grill in a pan. When they are done, add a jet of oil (oil always first!) and, after, the lemon juice. Let cook a couple minutes and go.

While I was grilling the breasts, I prepared a salad with the fresh vegetables I had on hand that day: lettuce, onion, tomato and olives. Usually I do the dressing with a little salt, olive oil and a dash of vinegar of Modena.
A healthy menu, tasty and very fast to prepare.

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