Thursday, 22 April 2010


Last Tuesday August 18 was this blog’s anniversary. It’s been exactly one year since I started this blog. Looking back I see that since then I've published, nothing more, nothing less than 279 posts, a weekly average of more than 5! And during this year, the visitors of the blog have read 102.887 pages in a clear upward trend: in September of 2008 5000 pages were read, and 14000 in the past month of July. I estimate that the blog takes me about a couple of hours (or more) daily, so during this year I spent roughly between 750 and 1.000 hours working on it.
Here is an interesting question. What are the 10 most watched posts? Here they go. I put the publication date because, obviously, the oldest ones have a distinct advantage over the recent ones.

1) Curiosities 2. My neighbourg's pictures.
3.605 visits. September 2008.

2) Comparing the Nikon D90 with the Nikon D80 and the Nikon D700 at high ISOS.
1.353 visits. February 2009.

3) Taking photographs inside the Riviera brothel.
1.136 visits. March 2009.

4) Pictures from my window. My Air France's neighbour.
1.059 visits. August 2008.

5) Photographing with the Nikon D700 in South Africa.
907 visits. May 2009.

6) Robert Capa, Susan Sontag and the photo death of a Republican soldier.
727 visits. January 2009.

718 visits. May 2009.

8)Portrait of a woman executive.
669 visits. January 2009.

9) Cartier-Bresson : the mistery of the "missing" photo.
643 visits. December 2008.

10) Pictures from my window. Copa, Liga y Champions. Barça
623 visits. May 2009.

There are 4 posts about girls, 2 about cameras, 2 about soccer and 2 about great photographers.
Surprises? For my particulary, one: The portrait of a woman executive, a photo which finally was not published and here is at position number 8 among 279 entries. Well done Sandra!

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