Saturday, 24 April 2010


It's another very bad new. Yes, I know. Finally, they will call me, as Grima does to Gandalf the White in The Lord of the Rings: Herald of Wow and Stormcrow,but this is a war in which the good, the Photojournalism and his followers, are losing battle after battle.
The mythical agency Gamma, founded in Paris in 1967 by Gilles Caron and Raymond Depardon, among others, was declared bankruptcy.

Gamma, whose photographers made some of the iconic images of the twentieth century, was the inventor of everything halfway: expenses and benefits, the monthly sales sheet in which the photographers were informed in detail of all sales, the agency that made compulsory that all the published photos were signed, and which ,together with the other agencies who were born shortly after her, Sygma and Sipa, made Paris the world capital of Photojournalism, is on the brink of extinction.
In the collage I mounted up, left to right, top to bottom, you can see some pictures that I referred to: The Scoop (exclusive) of the Soviet troops entering Kabul by François Lochon, Richard Nixon by Raymond Depardon , Pinochet by Chas Gerretsen, Beirut, also by Depardon,May 68 by Gilles Caron, and Beirut, a World Press Photo by Françoise Demulder.
François Leroy, director of Visa pour l'Image was indignant when told about the crisis in Photojournalism. The fault lies with the current directors of the press that, are in fact, responsible for marketing, not journalists as before. They focus on subjects like Carla Bruni dresses instead of the global situation arguing It's what people want, while people is deserting the written press and assisting massively to Photojournalism Festivals like Visa pour l'Image in Perpignan or Trafic in Barcelona.
Gamma was absorbed by Eyedea Presse, while Sygma and Sipa by Corbis and Fabre.

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