Wednesday, 5 May 2010


We photographers always remember the people who have appeared in our photos, usually much more than what they remind of us. The reason is that we still have the photos (negatives, slides or digital files) and many times we return to work on them for new stories, books or exhibitions, and every time we do we always think about the people appearing in those images. For me it was very exciting to find, for a retrospective that was published in the Vanguardia Magazine, people who I photographed more than 25 years ago, as the Cerralba’s sisters, in Malaga.

Thus, it was a pleasure to encounter Veronika of the Czech Republic, a couple of years after she appeared in my story "Memorias del Este." In these two years, Veronika finished her studies in International Trade and lived in France and Canada, and then she stayed during the summer and autumn in Ibiza. During this period of time, the Czech mounted a small company, Veronika's Body-Arts, that conducts various activities such as arts choreography, dancing and especially the so-called Body-Art, which is to paint artistic motifs on the human body. The Veronika’s paintings had a great success among the people participating in the Ibiza parties last summer. Here are some samples of the art of Veronika, with whom I met in Barcelona while she was travelling from Ibiza to his country to spend the Christmas Holydays with her family.

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