Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Last weekend I had the opportunity to try a Nikon D90. I had read about his excellent image quality and very good shooting at high ISOS, but what really drew my attention was the possibility to shoot video as well as I had seen it in the Nikon website. I asked for information to my friends Pepe Encinas of El Periódico de Catalunya, and David Airob of La Vanguardia, about the weekend events in Barcelona. They both agreed that, by far, the best thing was El Tres Tombs . And also it was going to happen very close to my flat; I could almost have taken the photos from my window. Els Tres Tombs is a parade of horses and carriages celebrating the feast of San Antonio Abad. I shoot video and also, of course, photos. As you can see, especially in the video, we had very strong winds this day in Barcelona.

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