Sunday, 23 May 2010


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The first blog that comes to my mind, of course, is The Sartorialist. The photographer Scott Schuman’s blog. Scott was a fashion photographer who liked more the fashion he saw on the street than on the big and trendy fashion festivals . And he began to take pictures, in a simple way: a Canon EOS 5 with a 50 mm , avalaible light, and asking permission to portrait the people he liked in New York, London, Paris, Milan ... He began his blog in late 2005 and now receives about 50,000 visits per day. Time magazine placed him among the top 100 Design Influencers. Schuman keeps the classic white Blogspot template . Now he just publishes the photos larger and retains the same header Tino Soriano and I had until recently.
What is the visual difference between The Sartorialist and the hundreds of thousands of blogs made with Blogspot? None.
Does that it mean that Scott Schuman's blog hasn’t got a personality of his own as Fran Simó would say? Come on!

Here I publish a block of 4 blogs made with classic Blogspot templates, white and black.

Strobist. A reference for all who want to use strobes properly.A technical must for photographers. A 23,784 Alexa ranking.

Photo Business News & Forum. Another classic. Essential for those who want to control the commercial side of photography.

Periodistas 21
by Juan Varela. One of the gurus of Spanish digital journalism. He has more than 2,000 fans.

I’ll speak about the blog of Elizabeth Avedon later on.

All these blogs work wonderfully. I do not think Blogspot "shred its brand" for nothing. Why? For the content they contain.

"People who want to continue with Blogspot and tune it to his liking? It offers lots of possibilities. Look at Shopahocalic, the fashion blog by Patricia Rod, which defines herself as "a fashion-crazed university student who refuses to grow." This blog won a major prize for best design.Very nice, don’t you think?

At a more modest level, but very effective, the blog of David Monfil. Not bad, eh?

So who wants to continue with Blogspot can "tune it" to taste . For the record, I have nothing against Wordpress: is a fantastic tool. But what I want to stress in these two post is that what it is really important is THE CONTENT.

And finally, a pleasant surprise. I discovered that among my followers (at the end of the right column of the blog) is Liz. Photo, which leads to the blog of Elizabeth Avedon.I investigate and discovered that she is the daugther-in-law of Richard Avedon and one of the most reputable designers in America. Yes, before yourselves do it , I made the question myself : What makes a girl like Elizabeth Avedon on a blog like this?

You can look at the wonderful Elizabeth’s work on her website Photography Book and Exhibition. But for her blog she is using the classical Blogspot template , header included. Is her identity at risk? I'm afraid not.

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