Monday, 10 May 2010


A spectacular light reflected on the building in front at breakfast time. I can spend days and months without seeing a light like this. A light that can disappear in a few seconds. So I change immediately the cup of coffee for the camera. For this kind of static images we only have the frame and the light. And in this particular case only the light, because I’m shooting through a window and I cannont change the frame. For all this light is so important. The great images we see in magazines like National Geographic have been taken because the photographers spend lot of time in their assignments and take profit of lights like this one. Of course, you have to notice it and apply the right technical solution. In this case, I took a punctual light measurement on the building, to saturate the overall image, plus a polarizer filter.

It is not a bad way to start the journey.
Do compare the same building on a day with poor lighting.

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