Tuesday, 4 May 2010


NIKON D80 NIKKOR 180 mm F:2,8 200 ASA

I am very pleased with this photo taken yesterday ,on a beautiful day, here in Barcelona. Although I was very close of not taking it…

I should have gone to the gym; in fact that was what I had planned. I had no job to do, something that happens to us freelances with a certain frequency, as you can see in my The Year at a glance planning, and even more in these times of crisis. Time passed by while working on the blog (which, by the way, it is taking me quite a lot of time) and then I saw her. We photographers have a kind of sixth sense that seems to alert us of possible good pictures. The lady was cleaning the glasses with the window open.I doubted. I had to fetch the camera, switch the lens, and go to another room where I have a better view of the tower. But I said to myself: What the hell! And I did it. Since I am doing the series "Pictures from my window" I'm not letting pass any opportunity to get a good photo. When I was ready to take the picture, my neighbour had already closed the window though kept cleaning from inside. Not bad, but it was not the picture that I would have liked to take

I decided to wait and I was lucky: the lady may have seen something that was not cleaned yet and opened the window. CLICK. It was a picture that I could not have taken if I would have gone to the gym.

The picture was skewed because of the angle, from which I had to shoot, but I solved it in Photoshop using the crop tool and turning the cut until it was straight. A photo taken at the decisive moment as Cartier-Bresson preached , but the "master" would have never used a 180 mm (telephoto lens) and, much less, crop the original image.

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