Monday, 10 May 2010


They’re beautiful, independent and make you company, but without harassing you. Thus began a post on my cats .They’re almost like family, so when something happens to them it affects you too.

The year did not end well for Taca, the flying cat. I recently detected a kind of ugly sore on her belly. A veterinary examination confirmed that it was a cancerous tumor in the breast that had to be operated without fail.

I had previously looked for advice at the Altarriba Foundation to recommend me a good, honest veterinarian clinic. The choice fell on G & G ,Gos i Gat, (Dog and Cat). I was delighted with the staff there and on Monday 28 they did the surgery on my cat.

Everything went very well. Taca was attended by a medical team of four women. Had it been a male cat could have used the paragraph of Don Quixote "Never was a knight of ladies so well attended, as was Don Quixote when from his village came."

Taca is now recovering at home, but I fear she has lost her fourth life.

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