Monday, 3 May 2010


Nikon F80 Nikkor 300 mm f:4 Fujichrome 100 ASA

I'm very surprised. Or, perhaps, I shouldn’t. On March 18 there were exactly 8 months since I started this blog and I decided to take a look at Google Analytics: a tool that provides you ,with great accuracy, all statistics relating to the blog visits. These had already seen 41,485 pages; I placed the 10 first under the label The 10 most viewed posts . The first one, by far, with up to 2184 pages read, was Curiosities 2. My neighbour’s pictures , a 5.26% of the total page views for this post I wrote on September 2.

That post was an article that referred to my second photo of the series Pictures from my window, published just 10 days after starting the blog, titled My Air France neighbour. This photo was the second most watched of all the posts with 633 page views, or a 1.53% of the total. Most of the visits came through Google after writing in Spanish Las fotos de mi vecina (The pictures of my neighbour) . At that time I wrote the phrase on Google and my entry was on the first page of Google, at number 5.
Yesterday I wrote again Las fotos de mi vecina . Of a total of approximately 310,000 entries, mine is still on the first page of the search engine, but has already climbed to the number 1. Gosh! Anybody could explain me why?

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