Monday, 3 May 2010


Andrea, my daughter who is 16 years, said good bye to me in the morning telling me that she wouldn’t come for lunch.Then I took a pair of gilt-head bream fillets from the freezer. Before, this kind of fish was very expensive, but now they sell it farmed, and although perhaps is not so tasty, it is much cheaper. Andrea does not like fish so I cook it when she is not. Fish is essential for a balanced diet, but I'm too concerned about the fact that she does not eat it now. When I was her age, I did not like it too and now I love it. That day I had no job, a situation that happens sometimes when you are freelancing, so I did various activities outside home. I came back about one hour before lunch time, so instead of preaparing a salad and grill the fish -my initiall choice- I decided to do something more sophisticated: an almond sauce to acompany the fish.

Here is the recipe for two people:

2 fillets of gilt-head bream.
1 onion.
120 grams of toasted and chopped almonds.
2 deciliters of fish broth.
2 deciliters of milk.
10 tablespoons of virgin olive oil.
Salt and parsley.

In a saucepan fry the minced onion over low heat. Add the minced almonds and stir. After a couple of minutes add the milk and the fish broth and let cook for 10 minutes. Grind the sauce with the blender, put the sauce through the sieve and add the salt needed. Then put salt and pepper to the gilt-head bream fillets and grill it slighty.Pour over the sauce of almonds, cook over low heat 5 minutes and then pour over a little chopped parsley and serve immediately.

Before eating the fish, accompanied with a glass of white wine, I took the dish to the terrace to photograph it, and then was when I found my cat, Taca, walking on the ledge.

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