Sunday, 4 April 2010


Last year by this dates, Silvia Omedes organized Foto-Xmas. This year, for various reasons, she hasn’t been able to repeat it, but Silvia is determined to continue it in the coming years.
Among the many activities that were made, the American photographer Lauren Hermel, installed a small study to, as an original Christmas gift, make a polaroid with which she called "A sexy Santa" that was her friend Angelina, also an American, dressed for the occasion. Lauren appears in this autoportrait together with Angelina and me.
Lauren has long preached what Martin Parr recently commented about the photojournalist, as we knew it, is over and we must find new vías. And I don’t know anyone, well maybe just Mar Costa or Charlie Mahoney, with her ability to win prizes and get scholarships for their work. Lauren is currently photographing Romania for eight months, thanks to a Fulbright scholarship for which I was much honored to collaborate by writing a letter of recommendation.

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