Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Whenever I go to the market I buy seasonal products. They are fresh, not thawed and cheap. I saw they had beans so I decided to make a salad. It can be done in just a moment but you have to shell them first, an operation that brings me memories of my childhood when my mother asked me or some of my other brothers to help her, and we shelled the beans together around a table; though, thinking about that, we always lived in the city and my mother always had service to help her. Nowadays, when I have a spare time, I sit in the kitchen listening to music and shell the beans. Then, I boil and keep them. After that everything is really easy.

Recipe for two:

400 g of fresh boiled beans.
50 grams of cured ham cut into small pieces
Half onion.
Fresh mint leaves.
Virgin olive oil
Vinegar of Moena

Mix the beans with the half onion and the ham, both cut into small pieces (The better the cured ham the better the dish). Then place on top the fresh mint leaves also cut into small pieces. I dress it with a little salt, olive oil and vinegar of Modena. Some people dress it with a vinaigrette instead. I thought it was a typical Catalan dish (there are many recipes with beans), until I went to Granada. Maybe my Granada’s friends will be able to explain me the origin of the dish.

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