Wednesday, 14 April 2010


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It was a disastrous month of October. On Thursday, 29 died in Vigo to the age of 81, Ricard Terré, 21 years older than Koldo Chamorro and 9 years younger than Paco Alguersuari.
Ricardo Terré was one of the living legends of photography in Spain and one of the main AFAL members. I deeply apologize, especially for his daughter Laura of which I am a very good friend. Laura Terré is a key figure in the Spanish photographic world as a historian, writer and inspirer of projects as emblematic as Lafotobcn or the Trafic festival now held in Barcelona. That's why I think the best option is that you read what Laura has written about her father (text only in Spanish), or what his friends from AFAL did.

What I would tell you is a beautiful story about the most famous picture of Ricard, the cross-eyed girl making her first communion, a photo entitled "The Fallen Angel".
Terré photographed this girl in the day of Corpus Christy in Sant Boi de Llobregat, near Barcelona. In a photo exhibition, a doctor approached Ricardo Terré and told him that he could perform an operation that would cure her default and in return he asked Terré to photograph the first communion of his niece. After a time the "fallen angel", already cured of her ailment, came to see Ricard, accompanied by her father, with a chicken gift in appreciation.
A beautiful story of how a single photograph can change many things.

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