Monday, 5 April 2010


This time I cooked just for myself, there were no guests. Andrea phoned me and told me she would not come to dinner. I decided to eat a salad and a slice of salmon that I thought I could eat grilled or with soy sauce, a recipe I make in five minutes. But as I had time enough I decided to prepare something more sophisticated. I checked the fridge and I decided to use red peppers for a sauce that can accompany both meat and fish.



A large red pepper or two medium.
A medium onion.

A splash of brandy.

A dash of cream.

Salt and pepper

In a pan fry the onion cut into very small pieces and peppers into strips from which we have cleaned up all the seeds. When the onion is ready and the peppers cuddy add a dash of brandy maintaining high heat for 1 minute. Then grind it with a hand blender, turn to cook two minutes with a splash of cream, which will make the sauce smoother. Check the salt and pepper and, if we wish, (the only thing that will change is the texture) snuck the sauce. We put the sauce at the bottom and the fish, in this case salmon, once done on the grill over the sauce. I accompanied the dish with grilled green asparagus.

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