Wednesday, 28 April 2010


A food recipe against the crisis? The story is that some times I cook this dish for dinner. It's simple, tasty and very easy to do. Once I made it for a group of friends and one of them, Alberto Soulier, an Argentine photographer liked it specially, and he always wanted me to make it again so, encouraged by his comments, I cooked it for a very large group with a total success. That is why I’m saying that has become a recipe against the crisis: you gather a large group of friends at home, everyone brings something to eat or to drink, and I make the chickpeas and pasta with clams, another classic. We spend a wonderful time and is much cheaper than going to a restaurant; very good in these times of crisis although bad for restaurants. This is the recipe for 4 people:

Chickpeas with chorizo (hard pork sausage)
Two pots of cooked chickpeas of 500 grams each
Middle chorizo (spicy or not according to taste)
A garlic
A big spoonful of chopped fresh parsley.
Olive oil.

Chop the garlic and half the parsley and fry. Add the chorizo cut into rounds (I remove the skin), when done add the chickpeas. It is very important to add all the liquid inside the pot of chickpeas, otherwise the dish will be too dry. Let it cook until the liquid reduces slightly, correct for salt and add the remaining fresh parsley on top. ¡Spectacular and very easy!

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