Sunday, 25 April 2010


NIKON D700, NIKKOR 300 mm F:4, 400 ASA, 1/1000 F:4

NIKON D700 180 mm F:2,8 NIKKOR, 1/2000 f:4 400 ASA

For many years I have noticed that when the swifts appear, the fair weather will stay with us. I mean that there will no longer be a sudden drop in temperature or a period of very bad weather. Upon returning from a 2 weeks trip I realized that the swifts had already settled here to spend the summer. This year they arrived very late; there are times where I saw them in March. But I'm not surprised because we had snow and hail, until very recently.
It’s very funny and difficult to photograph them. It's like trying to shot down a fighter with an anti-aircraft machine gun while shooting bursts of 5 frames per second. They are really flying arrows.

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