Friday, 30 April 2010


I already explained it in a previous post. The arrival of the swifts (Apus Apus) is coupled with good weather. Never fails. This time has been delayed more than usual because poor weather has lasted longer than other years.

I decide to photograph them for the series from my window, a difficult task. I settle in my little terrace armed with a Nikon D90 and a 180 mm f: 2.8 Nikkor. I shot bursts in aperture priority at 1 / 4000 second to try to freeze the movement. I feel like a stern gun in an Avro Lancaster bomber of World War II shooting at a Messerschmitt squad.

The Nikon D90 is a fantastic camera, but this kind of shots is very demanding. For these situations is much better the autofocus of the Nikon D700 or the D3. But, of course, there are much more expensive too.

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