Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Often a fast shutter speed allows us to find things difficult to see with the naked eye, as in this case. I was shooting magpies when I saw this male blackbird resting on television aerials (The Gran Via is almost becoming the Coto de Doñana). Unlike other species of birds, in this case is very easy to distinguish the male from the female: the female is brown with a dark beak, however the male is black and has a yellow beak. The blackbirds sing beautifully and ever chant from the trees under my window, always before dawn. And make you feel in the countryside rather than in a noisy city.
Returning to the photos, I used a shutter speed of 1 / 4000 second to capture the blackbird flying. When I saw the picture on the computer screen I found that the blackbird dives a few meters to catch inertia, with wings folded, which is very difficult to appreciate at first glance; it seemed to fly with open wings from the beginning.

I will end up writing an ornithology treatise.

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