Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Cats, birds, recipes? And now songs?, would ask more than one. Okay, this is a blog that talks especially about photography, but photography is not everything in this life. A reader wrote me: This blog, leaving apart its main role about good photography, I find that is very entertaining with its touches of birds, cats and recipes. And Joseba Zabalza said: I'm with you Paco, a blog is a kind of diary. While our passion is photography, I get bored about photographers only speaking of photos. We are photographers and much more, and we have dogs and cats and we cook (worst in my case) or better, but our life is not based solely on taking pictures.

Great, let’s also add a little music.

Music is an important part of our lives and even more in the case of photographers, at least in mine. It was my companion along the thousands and thousands of miles driving through Spain and Europe, between photo and photo, and also in the hours and hours spent inside the darkroom. So I decided to make a list, whith the intention of making there appear slowly on the blog, of my 10 favorite songs. It is not a closed list and I do not pretend, unlike photos or photographers, to defend then at all costs, knowing that my taste can be very personal and without great reasons with which to defend them. Some of them bring me some important memories and others, and here I use the argument of many students when they are aware that they do not have many chances to defend a questionable image: I just like then.

Here they are:

1) Here, there and everywhere by The Beatles.
2) Moon River by Audrey Hepburn
3) Memory by Elaine Page
4) Blade runner. Love Theme by Vangelis
5) The new kid in town by The Eagles
6) Mr. Tambourine Man by Bob Dylan
7) The Boxer by Simon&Garfunkuel
8) The way we were by Barbara Streissand

9) Sun comes up its Tuesday morning by The Junkies Cowboys
10) Pájaros de barro by Manolo García

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