Sunday, 18 April 2010


Or at least that's what looks like. Hélène Lefort, I refresh your memory or I introduce her in this blog for those who still don’t know her is a French friend who has appeared before in Portrait of a friend and in The girl on the bike. I don’t quite understand how search engines work but I hallucinate when I type Portrait of a friend in Google in Spanish , Retrato de una amiga, and i see that my post is the number 4 out of 1,850,000. The same happens when I type The Girl on the bike in Spanish, La chica de la bici, and I found it No. 1 out of 761,000. In my post Portrait of a friend I explained that Hélène left Barcelona and went to live ,for a while, with her parents in Mayotte, a French island in the Indian Ocean, a place, from what I've seen, very similar to Paradise.

Hélène has sent me some photos. Her style is very original and creative, especially when she self-portrait herself, only one part of her body. I remembered one that she showed me sometime ago and that I show you now, although in this case it would be interesting to discuss with whom she should share the autorship. It's like a respite from the Capas, Cendons, Morenattis, Visa pour l'Image ... But don’t worry, after this respite I will carry on again.

This is Hélène trying to save a stranded turtle on the beach at low tide. She spent an hour spraying the turtle with water and protecting her from sun until the tide rose and was able to venture into the sea

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