Sunday, 25 April 2010


"Papaaaaaaa. Que hi ha per dinar? (Daddy. What do we have for lunch?) "Sounds the voice of my teenage daughter Andrea yelling from her room. It is Sunday, 2, 30 pm. Andrea just wake up and, of course, she is starving
"I'm cooking the two thighs of duck that I bought the other day," I reply.
"And how are you cooking them? She asks.
With olives and almonds "I explain.
"Nooooooooooooooooooooooo! This is spoiling the duck. I wanted to cook them and make a sweet or orange sauce “resounds her indignant voice from the room where she has deigned to open the door.
The truth is that the original recipe is with chicken, but hadn’t, so I decided to use the duck thighs. Andrea cooks very well, although on the rare occasions she feels like. The problem is that she always leaves a kitchen that needs a week to be cleaned. Moreover, if had waited for her to get up we would have had the lunch at dinner time. But anyway, let’s drift away from the topic or this blog would look like Gemma Tramullas’s Raising children or perhaps I should start a new one entitled Separated with teenage daughter in charge .
I continue with the recipe:

2 chicken breasts, two legs and a whole chicken or chicken pieces.
100 gr. of olives
2 onions.
2 cloves of garlic.
50 gr.of almonds.
4 tomatoes, peeled and cut into cubes.
A few grains of pepper.
A dash of brandy.
½ liter of chicken broth.
Pepper balls.
Olive oil.

Fry the chicken in olive oil and reserve. In the same oil fry the whole crushed garlic and cut the onions into wedges . When done, add the balls of pepper, the almonds and a dash of brandy. After a minute add the tomatoes cut into dice and cook, stirring occasionally, and put salt. When ready add the chicken and half a liter of broth. Cover the container and leave it half an hour over medium heat, stirring occasionally. 5 minutes before the end add the olives.
It was delicious, although Andrea was right. It is a recipe that is much better with chicken. The next time, I’ll cook the duck legs with an orange or cherry sauce.

To be fair, I had prepared this post a month ago. But last Saturday, Andrea got up early (about 11 am); early if you compare her normal behaviour the others weekends. She saw that I had bought a farm chicken and decided to cook it. She made it baked with pruns and herbs, and she also cleaned the utensils she employed while cooking. I almost could not believe my eyes! Ah, the chicken was excellent. Happy ending!


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