Tuesday, 30 March 2010


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More and more people keep telling me. I will end by taking his advice. On Saturday I was biking in Barcelona, down the Ramblas to the Barceloneta. I have never noticed it too much, but photographers have a kind of chip that connects all of a sudden when we see an image that draws our attention. In this case it was the statue and the light the responsible. There was a light mist and the backlighting from the sun in the morning produced a remarkable effect. "What a pity I did not carry a camera" I thought. But then I realized that I did. Precisely because I was going to a practical class, next to the beach, with students from IDEP. I went with the bike and waited to catch some interesting character, though it would only appear his silhouette. Once satisfied with the photo, I went to learn more about the statue. It was Ròmul Bosch i Alsina, a statue made by Robert Krier in 1992. Bosch i Alsina was a physician and the owner of shipping companies, including Pinillos which made trips to Cuba. He was also mayor of Barcelona.

How much you learn taking pictures!

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