Monday, 1 March 2010


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A few days ago I was with Helénè, in Barcelona, where she came back from paradise. She brought some very personal photos, on her line, about her stay in Mayotte. One or a few photos may be a fortunate coincidence. But when you are repeating and repeating, as in her case, eventually form a very coherent whole and with a vision of author. I refer to the series of self-portraits, which, though very subtle, there’s always a part of her. Since the first time we went together to take pictures, I noticed their personal frames. (I always draw my attention when someone points with his camera something that I don’t see). As I watched the action unfolding before me, she was watching it but related to her toes. The other good news she brought was that after meditating deeply, she will return to Barcelona rather than Paris. Something must have Barcelona, don’t you think?

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