Sunday, 31 January 2010


Before Capa’s effect, during and after, I was surprised by the great amount of visitors, specially coming from South America (although many were from Spain as well) that rebounded. To rebound, in the bloggers language, means to arrive to a blog and for different reasons, the more common being that the contents were not the expected, leave it immediately. I wanted to guess the reasons so I followed their paths. All of them arrived through a search engine, Google most of the time, and all the keywords were related with “vecina” (neighbour). I made the list. The keywords were:

Fotos de mi vecina
Fotos vecina
Vecina fotos
Estas fotos de mi vecina
Vecina ventana
Fotos mi vecina
Miro a mi vecina por la ventana
Imágenes de mi vecina
Vecina imágenes
Mi vecina es
La foto de mi vecina
Mi vecina fotos

They were the 42, 5% of the entire keywords entries trough a search engine.

I carried on my investigation and wrote the magic words in Google “Fotos de mi vecina”. I found 320.000 entries, and mine “Paco Elvira: Fotos desde mi ventana. Mi vecina de Air France” was…the number 5 in Google first page!

But, of course, the other 4 before me gave me a clear idea of what was going on:

1) Unas fotos que le saqué a mi vecinita de al lado.
2) FOTOS-18 años mi vecina la más puta!!!
3) FOTOS- Las fotos de mi vecina desnuda.
4) Fotos de mi vecina en Blogalaxia.


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